Star Trek - Section 31

Session 12

Following a request from Boqin Tian, Ramsey and Thorus travel to Starbase 153 (taking along Peret, who asks for transport away from Toren space, and Les). Once there, they part ways with Peret and go to the administration level of the starbase to meet Boqin. Upon arrival, they are invited to report on their recent activities. After hedging about their whereabouts and doings, Ramsey and Thorus are left in the meeting room while Boqin escorts Les out for a background check. The next people through the door, however, are security guards who take them down to the security level for questioning.

They eventually learn that, in addition to being suspected as collaborators with Gul Enor (who is selling metagenic weapons materials to the Toren), they are wanted for questioning in the deaths of Senator Vecian and Consul Evius. They were killed aboard the _Armstrong _ and Ivers (named the main suspect by Boqin) is missing along with Ambassador Corik. Unable (and unwilling) to shed light on these events, Ramsey and Thorus are taken to the brig. Peret is in a neighboring cell. They spend only the evening there after which Thorus, still wearing his anti-sensor belt, manages to trick a guard into believing he’s a hologram. The guard, foolish enough to lower the forcefield, gets overpowered by Thorus who knocks him out and takes his uniform. Posing as starbase security, Thorus takes Peret up to the ship, locked down in the hangar by. Meanwhile, Ramsey tracks down a drunken Les and pays off his bar tab by repairing the cantina’s replicators.

They hack into the security system and release the security clamps and make good their escape, cloaking before the starbase’s tractor beam can snare them. Deciding that proving Gul Enor’s guilt can clear their own names, they have Peret send messages to her contacts within Central Command. As she is doing that, a message arrives, in Romulan. Ramsey reads it and discovers it is just the word “help” along with a set of coordinates that takes them near the Neutral Zone. There they find a battered Starfleet shuttle, one from the _Armstrong _ and aboard it is Myrun. They beam him to their ship and he tells them that he was there when a group of people (some in Starfleet uniform, some not) interrupted a meeting between Ambassador Corik, Senator Vecian, and Consul Evius (where Evius planned to tell them something about Colonel Lovok). Myrun says that Evius ordered him to protect the Ambassador which he attempted to do. In the mayhem, Ivers arrived to extract Corik though both Senator and Consul were killed. Myrun escaped with his life and he and Ivers took separate shuttles to improve their odds. In parting, Ivers entrusted Myrun with a message: Epsilon Ilaron IX-b, send Ramsey and Thorus.

Session 11

With their false identification papers, Thorus, Ramsey, and Peret make their way back past the merchants’ quarter to the security office, passing a checkpoint near curfew. Their papers get them by and also satisfy the curiosity of the desk clerk at the office when they arrive. Posing as undercover security guards, they ostensibly file a report but actually access the security codes needed for the research facility. Codes acquired, they return to their ship and fly north. The research facility is located on (and in) a plateau surrounded by a settlement. It is here that the accidental release of experimental virus has killed several hundred Toren. A scan provides the layout of the structure as well as the fact that the central core of the facility is shielded against transporting. They beam into one of the outer hallways and subdue a janitor and then two security guards.

After shutting down a security alarm and a plasma-destruction failsafe system, they find inventory logs that describe where the virus is being stored. They also find comm-logs that refer to a point of contact for research materials: Gul Enor. After reaching the lowest level of the research facility, they discover storeroom thirteen, only to see that someone inside has accidentally killed himself with a poisonous gas. Thorus’ tricorder readings indicate that the room is filled with rexxyl tetrachloride, which could eat through their environmental suits in five minutes. Peret recognizes the lifeless form in the storeroom as a fellow Cardassian and suggests that he was trying to inject the poison into the barrels of virus to destroy it. They decide to carry out that very plan and go into the storeroom.

While Ramsey and Peret approach the barrels, Thorus sees a hard copy of metagenic research notes and gathers them up. Peret drops a vial of poison, adding to noxious mist in the storeroom, but she manages to finish the task alongside Ramsey and they flee shortly after. Ramsey turns the plasma system back on and they beam back to the ship, leaving the research facility to destroy itself in an inferno which collapses and kills many of the Toren trying to flee the plateau.

Session 10

While waiting to see if another ship might respond to the cargo pod’s distress beacon, Ramsey picks up a communique from Ivers, directing them to the aid of a ‘friend’ working undercover amongst the Toren. The message is followed by details spelling out certain danger on Aidus 8-a, a colonized moon where Torens produce grain but – more importantly – where a research facility has been conducting tests suspected to be on metagenic weaponry. After waiting until a Starfleet vessel collects the cargo pod, they travel to the Toren Autonomy and risk a flight through the Class P nebula to avoid the increased patrols of Toren ships.

Once on Aidus 8-a, Thorus works up simple disguises for himself and Ramsey and, leaving Lester to guard the ship, they follow Ivers’ instructions to meet his contact at a tavern called Rallomere. Once there, after Thorus impersonates a silk merchant and cons a Ferengi textile trader out of a mechanical hand (left behind from the engineer, Nelkan), they confront the aggravating fact that the contact is, in fact, Peret Ghenor. She tells them that she has been working for the Cardassian Central Command but fears, after rumors of an Obsidian Order takeover and radio silence from her supervisor, that the government has been compromised. She believes that the Order is responsible for the Torens’ access to metagenic weapons-material. Already, weapons testing that has wiped out all life on the other Toren moon, and two accidents near this colony’s research facility has killed hundreds of civilians.

Peret, appalled at what the Order has done (to the Toren and to her peoples’ government), is determined to destroy the research facility or, at least, the materials inside it. She asks for Thorus and Ramsey’s help, explaining that first they must break into a local security office to obtains the codes necessary to infiltrate the facility. They decide to return to the Tarsus first to get supplies and environmental suits. Along the way, Thorus realizes they are being followed. More precisely, Peret is being followed. They sent her ahead, and then Ramsey sneaks up on the miscreant, who turns out to be a local security official posing as a merchant. After a brief skirmish, they take the Toren prisoner and remand him to Les’ supervision. Thorus uses the Toren’s identification papers to forge IDs for himself and Ramsey, and the three set off into the night, bound for the office they will break into.

Session 9

Upon rendezvousing with Ivers and Ambassador Corik (aboard the diplomatic courier Armstrong, which Corik commissioned and outfitted with a skeleton crew), Senator Vecian explains his story in full. After hearing rumors that the Cardassians were plotting with the Toren, Vecian hired an investigator, a Romulan named Patireon. Patireon reported back that a Toren cargo ship, the Gosovan, had obtained a shipment from some Cardassians, but before sneaking aboard to learn more, he wanted Vecian’s all-clear, and extra supplies. Though Vecian approved the mission and the request for two field modulators, an engineering kit, and six plasma charges, he never heard back from Patireon. Fearing the investigator captured or dead, Vecian believes that it was Patireon’s discovery that led to his own betrayal within the Romulan senate.

Ivers and Corik want Ramsey and Thorus to pick up where Patireon left off. Corik outfits the Tarsus with a cloaking device to aid in the mission and advises them to modify one of the field modulators into a thoron field generator (allowing them to beam aboard the cargo ship undetected). The Armstrong delivers the Tarsus near the cargo ship’s expected route, and then Corik departs to deliver Vecian and his family to a safe haven.

Locating the Gosovan, they scan the area and detect a cloaked vessel 12 kilometers behind the cargo ship. When they do a more thorough scan, the cloaked vessel veers off and heads into the neutral zone. Leaving Les to tend the ship, Ramsey and Thorus sneak aboard the Gosovan. As per Toren custom, the crew observes a ship’s night and there are few people awake to interfere. They unlock a cargo container and discover it contains the components necessary to create a metagenic weapon. Deciding to jettison the cargo pod for evidence, they sneak to the engine room in the hopes of causing a core breach. Upon arriving, they discover two technicians and quickly kill them. They download the ship’s manifests and the research data on metagenic weaponry, then rig the core to overload.

After jettisoning the cargo pod, Ramsey and Thorus have Les beam them back to the Tarsus where they watch the Gosovan explode. Then, they remain near the drifting cargo pod, waiting to see if anyone responds to its emergency transponder.

Session 8

On their journey from Risa to the Neutral Zone, Ivers has the crew drop him off at a Starbase so that he can report in to Boqin and, hopefully, divert attention away from the rescue mission. Ivers doesn’t want anyone, in Starfleet or Section 31, to know about the attempt until (and unless) it’s a success. He also tells Ramsey that he’ll be looking into Les Brady’s background before making a recommendation that Section 31 offer him a position. Brady, for his part, seems willing enough to go along with Ramsey and Thorus.

They pass the Toren Autonomy on their way, as well as both Starfleet and Romulan science vessels, but with their ship’s transponder set to identify them as a relief-aid ship, they are not hailed. Upon reaching the planetoid and landing at the coordinates supplied by Evius, they scan and discover an extensive network of caves. Once inside, they follow a set of obvious footprints which leads them into range of a motion-sensor. After some fiddling with the device, they notice a message in the form of a blinking light. After some cryptic communications back and forth, they are directed to the main tunnel where they meet Centurion Siral, the Romulan guard protecting Senator Vecian. She leads them to the furthest reaches of the main tunnel to where Vecian, his wife, and two small children have been in hiding.

They have hardly time to introduce themselves before one of the children seems to spot something in an adjacent tunnel. Though Thorus initially moves that way to investigate, Ramsey ends up collapsing that passageway as everyone else makes a run for the tunnel’s main entrance. Hampered by the children (Les takes a turn carrying one of them) the Romulan couple lets Siral and Thorus take the lead. When Siral ducks down a connecting passageway to check for a potential ambush, Thorus spots a waiting enemy through a hole in the tunnel ceiling. He climbs up and fights with a Romulan there while Ramsey finds another enemy hiding in a neighboring tunnel. Though he misses a phaser shot (still on a setting meant to blast rock) Ramsey does kill another assailant hiding in the shadows when he turns a wall of stone into rubble. He dispatches his original target as well, though Thorus’ opponent manages to beam away – giving Thorus a chance to beam to the team’s ship, which they could not do earlier owing to the interference from the caves’ mineral composition.

Ramsey ends up quarreling with Vecian, who wants to remain behind and assist Siral in fighting any remaining assassins. He convinces the Senator to remain with his family and leave the planetoid, but Siral insist on staying. Despite that, Thorus ends up beaming the lot of them into the ship without further ado.

Session 7

En route to Risa, Ramsey, Thorus, and Lt. Evans receive a message from Consul Evius instructing them to go to the Three Birds Resort at Suraya Bay. They leave the Tarus at the small, costly landing field near the resort (keeping careful track of their expenses for Ambassador Corik who has offered to cover their bills). Inside the resort they are greeted by a concierge who recognizes them from a news report on the Metzov Station disaster. A group of Andorian art students gather to ask if they can do a series of paintings and sketches on the ‘space archaeologists’ – though they decline, Thorus offers to give a martial arts’ lesson to any of them that study blades (one student accepts and they plan to meet the following morning).

In their suite, they find Ivers’ comm device and it contains a recorded message from Evius instructing them to meet at the ruins of Fort Banris after sunset. They waste no time in transforming Lt. Evans into Nelkan, the Cardassian engineer. Once Evans is ready, they turn him loose on the resort to practice his role. Thorus and Ramsey retire to their suite only to have an old colleague of Ramsey’s show up at the door. Les Brady, a jovial drunk and once a junior-grade lieutenant, seems glad to have encountered an erstwhile shipmate. Thorus makes him a drink while Ramsey catches up with Brady, eventually hearing that the young lieutenant was caught in a dalliance with an Admiral’s daughter and placed on administrative leave (indefinitely). More morose with each drink, Brady admits that he’s more or less stranded on Risa until he finds work of some kind (or accepts a dismal posting to some god-awful place as punishment for his indiscretions). They offer him the hospitality of their suite’s liquor cabinet and head for the ruins of the fort.

Thorus outfits Lt. Evans with his own anti-sensor belt, to prevent the Lt. from being beamed away without warning. Despite this measure, Lt. Evans begins to worry about what’s in store for him and the possibility of sink holes. Thorus fails to sedate him with a hypospray, so Ramsey uses a phaser to stun him. They arrive at the meeting to exchange barbs with Myrun, who tells them Ivers is secured in the nearby step-well. Ramsey goes to retrieve Ivers while Myrun stays above ground with Thorus and Lt. Evans. Myrun, however, is communicating with someone – just as Ramsey and Ivers climb the stairs they see Thorus getting beamed away. Consul Evius, unable to lock onto Lt. Evans, beams Thorus into the brig of his ship. Back on Risa, Ramsey stuns Myrun and takes his comm unit, using it to deliver an elaborate ultimatum. Consul Evius releases Thorus from the brig (a potentially risky move, given that Thorus is thoroughly armed with knives of every kind) and explains that he’s scanned the seeming Cardassian and knows it’s not Nelkan. He confesses to his own desperation to uncover a Cardassian plot and says that, in lieu of interrogating Nelkan, someone with Romulan politics may hold the same information.

Evius tells them that Senator Vecian is on the run, targeted for having the audacity to suggest that the Romulan Empire consider an alliance with the Federation due to a shared threat. Vecian and his family, however, have been threatened and are on the run. Evius says that besides gaining whatever knowledge the senator holds, he’s a friend of Vecian’s and would like to see him safely delivered from harm. When Ivers, Ramsey, and Thorus agreed to help, Evius tells them that the senator is believed to be hiding on a rogue planetoid in Section O-8 of the Otorin Sector. Evius collects Myrun and departs. Ivers proposes they leave Lt. Evans on Risa for the remainders of his personal leave time, and Ramsey and Thorus tell Ivers that they just may have found a new recruit in the form of drunken Les Brady.

Session 6

Boqin arranges for Thorus, Ramsey, and Lt. Evans to stop at Metzov research station and trade the shuttlecraft for a Danube-class runabout. For their rescue mission to retrieve Ivers, they will be posing as archaeologists and their new craft will be suitably outfitted with outdoor gear, cargo space, and a reasonable amount of firepower. Metzov station, however, suffers a disaster following an experiment carried out by one of their scientists. Two subspace fields threaten to destroy the station (which has 180 people aboard). They arrive and find Administrator Bonn and his XO, Trasker, trying to gather survivors to wait for assistance from the USS Quartermain. Unfortunately, the station has only 5 hours left, and the Quartermain won’t arrive for 8. Thorus and Ramsey beam over to the station, which has lost power, leaving Evans aboard the shuttle to monitor the situation. Evans retunes their communicators, phasers, and environmental suits to work within the expanding subspace fields (though all will work only at half-power).

Aboard the station, they help rescue some trapped people and learn that the research pods were designed to be detached in just such events. They explain to Bonn and Trasker that time is running out and urge them to evacuate everyone to the shuttles (which will work once the research pod is freed and the subspace field stops interfering with everything). Unfortunately, an explosion and resulting fire has cut off access to the shuttle bay. They help Trasker and some other volunteers close the hatches to the engineering section where the fire is spreading, but someone has to go into engineering to trigger the manual override for the last hatch. That person will likely be trapped, however, and Ramsey volunteers to go in Trasker’s place. Thorus, meanwhile, prepares phasers to overload which he will use to detach the research pod (normally they can be jettisoned but the initial explosion from the experiment fused the breakaway couplings). He drops the phasers into the boom arm, they tear apart the structure holding the research pod to the station, and as the station moves away from the subspace fields the shuttles are able to power up and fly to safety. Ramsey gets the fire suppression system working and they depart on the runabout they were scheduled to pick up. Bonn and Trasker thank them for their assistance and promise to praise them to their superiors. They leave behind the shuttlecraft and resume course for their rescue mission.

Session 5

Thorus and Ramsey, disguising themselves as General Brax and ‘Ambassador’ Fe’zat beam down near the monastery/prison in the middle of the night. They approach the guard at the main door, announcing their arrival as a surprise inspection. When the guard seems overly nervous, Thorus strikes him and gets him to confess that he let a Cardassian woman (Peret) in to visit the engineer. (The guard says the woman insisted she was the engineer’s fiancée.) Thorus insists on speaking to the Cardassians at once and, while they make their way through the prison, Ramsey sets about disabling the transport inhibitors. Unfortunately, upon seeing the arrival of prison guards and ‘Brax’, the engineer puts a knife to Peret’s throat and tries to flee, using her a shield. Thorus sends a guard to lock all the doors, but the guard helpfully sounds the alarm as well. In in the ensuing mayhem, Thorus manages to injure the engineer but he gets away, killing a guard in the process. Peret realizes who ‘Brax’ and ‘Fe’zat’ really are and – after Thorus has the engineer beamed up to the Covington – she agrees to tell them the secret of disabling the Toren ships, if they’ll take her along. (She admits that Capt. Belor and company are only people she hired to bring her here, and not her normal crew.)

Amidst beaming Starfleet hostages to safety, they learn from Lt. Evans (the Springer engineer recruited by Ivers to repair the Covington) that Ivers was taken away via shuttle by a pair of Romulans. After arranging for the Ambassador and his guards to beam to the Springer, Thorus and Ramsey beam up to the Covington. There, along with Peret, they find themselves on the bridge with Capt. Ferenbach who endures a reprimand from the Springer’s captain (a call cut short by a mindful Covington officer). As the Toren ships approach, Peret explains how to disable them with verteron particles and Ferenbach offers Thorus and Ramsey a shuttle which they can use to pursue the Romulans. Lt. Evans volunteers to help and they leave. While the Covington and Springer depart, Ramsey puts out a call (in Romulan) and hears back from Myrun who, after some taunts and insults, agrees to meet in five days to exchange Ivers for the Cardassian engineer (whom they do not have, but Thorus proposes they disguise someone to serve as a decoy for the exchange).

Session 4

When the negotiation-recess stretches on far too long, Ramsey eavesdrops on some junior Toren officers and overhears something suspicious. After confronting them, he ends up speaking with General Brax who admits that there’s been an accident aboard the Covington and two Toren technicians have been electrocuted. After Ramsey assures him that no one in Starfleet would remotely sabotage a ship Brax asks for help ensuring that no one else comes to harm. Ramsey snaps up the opportunity to prepare what seems like a safety manual which will actually lead the remaining ship-side Toren into a confined area. Meanwhile, Thorus plays a game of Kal-toh with Consul Evius who invites him to share what he might learn of the Cardassian presence among the Toren (Evius hints that he, too, will share if he learns anything). After Corik contacts Captain Shirring aboard the Springer to explain the delay in negotiations, Brax invites the Ambassador and his aides to stay in the Hall for their convenience.

Thorus discovers and disables a camera and listening device in the suite they are assigned to but leaves a second bug to give the Toren a false sense of security. He also finds a hidden passage from one of the rooms to the shared lounge between the suites (currently they share the lounge with the Romulans). He finally hears from Ivers who explains that his engineer was discovered by two of the Toren who refused to be reasoned with. Ivers says he needs the inhibitors in the prison off-line as soon as possible, considering the extreme measures he’s taken and Corik’s admission that the negotiations weren’t going well. Afterward, Thorus then takes the opportunity to insult Evius’ assistant, Myrun, before accompanying Ramsey and Corik to the gardens where they can speak without being overheard. Ramsey explains his Toren-trapping safety instructions, Thorus relays Ivers’ information, and Corik proposes to have them return to the ship to implement their plans, saying that he will request Shirring send down replacement security for him. He tells them he’s certain that diplomacy will fail and only hopes that they can rescue the Covington and her crew without any further loss of life.

Session 3

Following the banquet, Ivers rejoins Corik, Thorus, and Ramsey for the shuttle trip back up to the Springer. Ivers has secured a map of the prison and Corik reminds everyone that no rescue attempt must be made until after the negotiations. He feels there is some slim chance for diplomacy to prevail. Back aboard the ship, Ramsey contacts a friend at Starfleet who agrees to send him the command codes that will let them access control of the Covington. Ivers beams over in secret with an engineer from the Springer’s crew to begin surreptitiously repairing what they can while evading the six Toren who are on board. Ivers hopes to have the ship in working order so that he can beam Captain Ferenbach and a skeleton crew aboard for escape, if (or likely, when) the negotiations fail. The prison map reveals 28 Starfleet hostages, 10 Toren guards, an extraneous and seemingly human prisoner, plus 5 Toren support staff. Ramsey receives a cryptic message on his comm unit requesting a call. When he responds it’s Peret, claiming that she has some interest in a prisoner the Toren have taken, and that in exchange for Ramsey’s help she’ll give him vital information on thwarting the Toren ships. Ramsey declines.

The following day, Thorus, Ramsey, and Corik return to the surface. Though there by invitation and welcomed to tour the prison, at the last minute the head guard refuses to let Ramsey in. They also bar Peret, who has shown up unexpectedly. Left out of the tour, Peret tries again to win over Ramsey but fails. In the prison, Corik speaks at length with the guards and staff while Thorus takes account of the Starfleet hostages. He speaks with Ferenbach who asks him specifically to check in on officers Hobbes, Brooks, Gatan, Blake, McKenzie, and Idrani. While making these rounds, Thorus gains entrance to a shielded portion of the facility and discovers a Cardassian there with a small workroom full of tools and technology. Thorus and Corik apologize for the ‘accidental’ breach of this apparently off-limits room, and the trio return to the reception hall to begin negotiations. The negotiations are attended by Toren officials and some of the ‘galatics’ from the reception, including Consul Evius who trades insults with everyone he can. General Brax says that he’s been advised by Evius to stand firm on Toren demands because the Romulans insisted that Federation diplomats must see how serious the Toren are. Corik and Brax agree to a recess. Corik tells Ramsey and Thorus to let Ivers know that it’s not off to a great start.


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