Star Trek - Section 31

Session 23

After some deliberation about the wisdom of letting an outside party discover the transwarp capabilities of the Tarsus, Ramsey and Thorus opt to take the Valiant on their errand to deliver Lt. Cmdr. Eddington to DS9. They do install the cloaking device from the Tarsus and then craft Starfleet ranks and cover stories for themselves as well as Les and A’Tora (presenting themselves as a doctor and ensign, respectively). Ramsey adopts the rank of commander but insists on being called ‘captain’ for the duration of this mission. Thorus becomes Lt. Shra and takes it upon himself to teach A’Tora everything he can about the ship’s tactical abilities (one never knows when things will need to be shot at).

Eddington proves to be an affable officer and confides to them that he thinks this posting at DS9 could be just the opportunity his career needs. He says that no one in Starfleet has heard from the senior staff in some time. Apparently, Benjamin Sisko took his son and a classmate on a field trip into the Gamma Quadrant and had a run-in with a Vor’ta and some Jem Hadar. They were briefly hostages until Odo, the constable from DS9, tracked them down and negotiated their release. Eddington seems to have a dim view of these goings-on, such activities being informal to the point of being cavalier. He doesn’t go as far as saying that he thinks Sisko provoked the Gamma Quadrant natives but he does think it’s high time that someone from Starfleet security joined the crew there to oversee things.

Upon arriving, Thorus and Ramsey recieve a message from Ivers, telling them that a friend of his is in the vicinity and may need their help. He tells them to stay there until they recieve further orders. They take A’Tora and wander through the station, only to be approached by Pehret. She tells them that Ivers had assured her they’d be there to serve as backup, should she need it, and then tells them that she’s there to spy on the Cardassian tailor, Garrik. She also tells them that Myrun posits that the Obsidian Order was testing metagenic weapons within the Toren autonomy with specific intention to threaten the Romulans. She finds this absurd, though neither Thorus nor Ramsey disagree with the notion.

Before anyone can lay eyes on the tailor, Eddington tracks them down to confide that he finds himself in a real dilemma. Unbeknownst to anyone else in Starfleet, Sisko has taken a shuttle and gone into the Gamma Quadrant with two other officers and the Ferengi bar owner. No one can say why he’s gone, and he hasn’t reported back. Eddington fears that they’ve met with real trouble and doesn’t want to wait for Starfleet permission to mount a rescue. He also doesn’t want to tell Starfleet that he’s shown up to find a disaster and has no other information to offer. He asks if they could take their very able craft into the Gamma Quadrant just to see if there are any distress messages or debris that could shed some light on the matter.

They contact Ivers and he gives them permission to go on the rescue.


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