Star Trek - Section 31

Session 21

Before the conference gets underway Ramsey develops the smallest blood-testing device he can create. Thorus prepares security profiles for them both so that they can blend in with the details on guard during the key meeting with the higher-ranking attendees. Though A’Tora seems eager to accompany them, they tell him he should remain aboard their ship until they call for him. Boqin tells them that he’s learned though his contacts that a private investigator named Kayvan Rostami, a frequent hire of the paranoid Admiral Leyton, should be in attendance. Boqin exhorts them, again, to not do anything that might send alarming news back to Leyton who is in a position to make the wrong extreme decision. Once ready and dressed as security officers, Thorus and Ramsey beam down into the conference hall plaza (as the building itself still shielded from direct beam-ins). They see many of the same people in the plaza from the day before, notably the Bajoran protesters, and have to wait in line to pass through a security checkpoint. While they are waiting, Vice Admiral Achille from Starbase 153 does a double-take upon seeing Thorus, but the line moves along before Achille can speak to him.

Inside, they report for duty – having added themselves to the roster – at the doors to the main conference room. Along the way they see Admiral Toddman sitting at a small table where he reviews information on a padd. As they go by, a young officer tells Toddman that a private call is waiting for him at a secure communications terminal. He leaves with her. Thorus and Ramsey report for duty and do not appear to raise any suspicions among the existing security crew. Ramsey uses the device he built to surreptitiously confirm that none of the attendees are shapeshifters. The Starfleet News reporter, Jad Najeem, tries to get into the meeting and is turned away, and Starfleet Intelligence officer Renner Gorman tells another conference-goer that he heard that a Cameron Ivers was behind the attempt on Ambassador Corrik’s life. Les radios down to ask if they’ve seen A’Tora and says that the changeling beamed down while he and Boqin weren’t paying attention. Achille shows up and does speak with Thorus, but Thorus expertly deflects the Vice Admiral’s insistence that they’ve meet before.

As the conference is about to start, Toddman tries to enter but Ramsey gets a faulty reading from his blood-testing device. Toddman is also carrying a hand-phaser. Thorus explains the no-weapons policy while Ramsey delays Toddman with a cryptic reference to the Omarian Nebula. Toddman offers a weak excuse about returning his weapon to his hotel room and leaves. Thorus follows him but Toddman only goes to the conference hall’s main lobby and makes small talk. While he’s watching Toddman, Thorus sees A’Tora (who has re-adopted the face of dead Lawrence Davis) go by in a waiter’s uniform. Abandoning his surveillance of Toddman, Thorus pulls A’Tora aside. The changeling apologizes but insists that he only wanted to help.

Thorus and Ramsey decide that, since A’Tora’s already there, why not have him look like Toddman and attend the meeting? (After all, this could be the chance for Starfleet to confront the very real threat facing them.) They send him in to sit at a table with an empty seat. Before long a woman from that table slips away to talk to Ramsey. She explains that she’s concerned because – as a Betazoid – she can’t read any emotions from the Admiral that just joined her table and she wanted security to know. Shortly after that, another Toddman walks in to be greeted by the gasps and stares of everyone within sight of A’Tora.


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